Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Knitting on the road ...^^

This morning TBC choose to skip church. Yes, I know we are truly wicked. Instead he suggested a road trip to Prescott. It has a decent mall that has a very large book store that lures us in occasionally. Today was that day. It takes two hours of driving time to get there and my resolve to let my wrists rest crumbled. What else are you suppose to do on a long drive. So I brought my yarn and kit with me. One the way I up I knit the first toe and on the way back the second one was born.
Knitting on the road
I perused the knitting section for quite a long time but found nothing that shouted out "Buy Me". Hoping my luck would improve I went to the magazine rack and picked up the latest Interweave Knits! Next stop for me was a craft store and I found a nice little box for knitting notions. This would be perfect for any future road trips and vacations. Yeah! I also found a crochet sock booklet for a co-worker. She loves the hook and I thought she might like to give socks a go!
learn to crochet socks
RB asked if we could go to WAL-MART. He feels the need to visit every one we can find. Don't ask. It's beyond me. So off we went and as we were leaving I spied this. Good thing I had a camera!

And for those of you who always wanted to know what Arizona really looks like, this ones for you.
Arizona really
Hope your weekend was as fun as mine:)

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