Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Knit a beautiful lace shawl

 With my New Year's resolutions still fresh in my mind, I gathered my courage and knit a lace shawl this past week. I love it. It's a gift for my Mom. Do you think she will like it?
Knit a beautiful lace shawl
The pattern details:
Knit a beautiful lace shawl pattern
Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl - designed for beginners. Prefectly written and she included lots of helpful information to help a novice along.

Yarn: Knit Picks - Elegance, color-way Barn Red. 3 skeins, with some leftover. The yarn is a little splity but has a beautiful sheen and a very soft hand.

Knit in 3 days. Thursday night to Saturday afternoon.

Modifications: I used mirror image decreases. Pure picky-ness on my part. I also employed the Russian Join method for the first time. It worked splendidly.

This is truly a great "first time" pattern for lace. However, it was not until the 7th repeat that things started to gel and it began to make sense to me. (I'm a little slow sometimes.) Then I was off like a rocket. There are a few mistakes which I did manged to hide rather well. Now all I need is a gold shawl pin in the shape of a heart. The search is on.

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