Sunday, May 4, 2014

Money Merge Account: Using Money Merge Account Software to Pay Down Your Mortgage

What is a Money Merge Account? There are many options out there for money merge accounts, but one of the primary ones that I found was by a company called UFF. Basically, they explain the money merge account as a means to paying off your mortgage in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time that it would typically take. The money merge account is explained as having three major components:
  1. Your existing mortgage.
  2. A Home Equity Line of Credit (called an ALOC within the money merge account system - Advanced Line of Credit)
  3. Money Merge Account Software
Basically, the way it works is all income that you receive goes toward paying off the balance on your ALOC. Any income that you receive, goes straight into that account. As your you make deposits, the money merge account software tells you when to make payments toward your mortgage, the primary thing that helps you pay down your mortgage in 1/2 the time or less is the payments that the money merge account software tells you to make - it schedules larger than normal monthly payments which lowers your principal balance faster, this in turn, decreases the amount of interest that you'll be paying toward your subsequent mortgage payments. While the ALOC will be charging you interest on your outstanding balance (it must be an open-end interest calculation), the MMA software predicts this and minimizes (or cancels) the amount of interest that you'll be paying on your primary mortgage.

All in all, money merge accounts seem like they can definitely help cut down on the time it takes to pay down a mortgage, however it will require a lot of discipline on the part of the borrower. In the end, it is ultimately up to you, the borrower - are you disciplined enough to put all of your extra money directly into your mortgage? Could you just do this yourself, or is the software necessary?

I don't believe it has been released yet, but I recently read an article that mentioned there may soon be a Credit Card based money merge account option. I

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