Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beautiful soft yarn for socks project - knit and crochet

Oops! I meant Project Spectrum! But it looks like this has turned into a sock-a-thon of knitted gifts. Eight pairs to be exact and one shrug. Each person has a specific color request so it fits perfectly with color exploration. Note: that brilliant blue yarn is really a lavender colorway. Why the camera thinks its blue is beyond me. Attempts to adjust it has failed miserably. Such as life again.
Beautiful soft yarn for socks project - knit and crochet   

This will also be an opportunity to exercise my budding camera skills. I think I'll try to find subjects that feature the color of the month.

My needles will remain bare until Wednesdays kick off for Project Spectrum. Both of my wrists ache and need a rest. I have not knitted since Thursday and the itch to knit is almost overwhelming but I'm resisting the compulsion for now! If I should become cranky TBC will strongly recommend that I should knit something even if its only a swatch. Now I have to find something else to do - I really need help!

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